Semantic and Cognitive Analysis of Context-Sensitive Data in Medicine

The medical institution informatization process, started about ten years ago and, led to accumulation of large amounts of data. This data and accumulated practical experience is high valued by the medics for both common and new practical and theoretical tasks. But this data is rarely used due to lack of tools to work with it. The need of active use of health information and knowledge connected to constant emergence of new diagnostic and treatment methods and drugs. Medics need to process big amounts of constantly changing and interconnected information. In such conditions the ability of making prompt and justified decisions in the professional activities largely depends on the how the accumulated knowledge and experience used.

The focus os this research direction is a theoretical foundation for the usage of semantic technologies in the medical institutions, a set of methodologies, including new and modified methods and algorithms for medical data exploration, analysis, processing and contextualization. As a practical implementation of the work, the semantic service for medical data exploration, analysis and processing are developed.