Linked (Open) Data and Knowledge Graphs

Technology of open data and open communication data are one of the technological development priorities of the Internet. Research and development of specialized data representation formats, query languages to such data and storage and management of these data represent one of the most popular fields of study among the emerging Internet technologies. This is due to the possibility of creating on the basis of open communication of data, web applications and services of new generation, which allows to receive and process data from multiple sources, including the creation of socially significant services. Examples of such systems are the systems of management of semantic knowledge bases for "smart spaces" for applications Smart Spaces, Smart Cities, Internet of Things and of Internet Devices.
The partners are the Center of the technologies of e-government and the Department of public information systems of ITMO University, and a research team from the University of Leipzig, under the leadership of professor Auer Sören, which is one of the pioneers in this field.